Blown Resistor inside B5c

Hello everyone. Due to recent thunderstorms in our area, our B5c got damaged possibly due to a fluctuation in Power, the PoE of B5c was fine, however the B5c is not turning on. Upon opening the Radio I found out that the resistors near the RJ45 Port inside the Radio was burn out, these are the following values of the Resistors according to its label printed in the Circuit Board: See attached Image.

My questions are:

  1. Is this still fixable?
  2. Is it ok to bypass the resistors?
  3. What are the purpose of the resistors there?
  4. What possible Value can I use to replace the burned resistors?

Thank you for your Replies!

It may or may not be fixable. If the problem is limited to those resistors, then yes, it’s probably fixable. However, be aware, there could be problems that aren’t readily visible. Resistors are cheap, so it may be worthwhile giving it a try. You’re only out a little time and a couple of dollars in parts.

The numbers you mention, such as R119, are not the values of the resistors. They are the component numbers of those items. The value of the resistors is color coded on the resistors, but that makes it very had to tell what they were after they’ve been burned. If you have a working unit you can open up to check the color bands, that will help.