Bought used Mimosa devices on eBay, can you remove them from the cloud?

Hello, I just bought 2x B5-Lite and 2x B5c on eBay. The seller says, the company that owned these devices doesn’t exist anymore. Since that, he doesn’t have any login-data to remove these devices from the cloud. Can you help me, if I send you the serials? Best regards.

I have had success using their support chat to remove devices from the cloud, however the cloud account was one of our techs. I’m not sure how they will handle it being that they were purchased on ebay.

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Yes, that’s it. They removed my 4 devices from the cloud in less than 5 minutes.

We typically recommend that anyone who purchases used devices to make sure to request that the seller have them deleted from the previous user’s Mimosa account. One of the key benefits of the unlock process is thief deterrence. The other benefits are as follows:

-Genuine Product Assurance – You can be certain that your device is not a counterfeit
-Regulatory Compliance – The unlock code applies EIRP limits for your country
-Automatic Warranty Registration – There are no warranty card to mail in to claim ownership
-Free Remote Management – Mimosa’s free cloud tools can be used to review historical data, update firmware and more