Bytes Per Packet

I was wondering if other people were seeing similar results or if maybe we might have some sort of issue.

So I was bored and decided to do some math, after a bit of figuring, my average packet going to/from my towers is around 750 bytes. I thought this might be a bit small so I got serious about it and got out an excel spread sheet.

The first two are our core routers, so that would be network averages. From my understanding we would want larger packet sizes to maximize bandwidth, we are pretty close on our download side to 1500 MTU, and I guess upload packet size would be smaller because that is mostly TCP asking for more data.

We have 3 layer 2 networks that feed our various towers which themselves are layer 2 networks (not the best, we know, but we are looking at some other options for segmentation.) I have had worries about small network packets eating up air time and maybe that might be cutting down on our bandwidth efficiency.

Mostly just curious what other people are seeing and maybe we need to look at changes to infrastructure. Though this is a pretty convincing argument to my boss for why we don’t have to run 50/50 TDMA everywhere…

I’m not sure what specifically you are looking for. Is it just general behavior of clients or something specific to Mimosa?

Here is the breakdown on one of our A5-14’s. TX is download to customer


Below is one of our main routers possibly like your first two lines that have a few towers down stream with lots of random customers. No Mimosa gear down stream and mostly slower gear.

RX is download to customer


I’m not bored enough to do the math, but maybe someone else is. :slight_smile:

Hope this is of help

Probably not a Mimosa issue, I was just thinking that there might be something related to our general network setup. My thinking was maybe we were on the low side for our average traffic and therefor are being inefficient with our airtime to clients (our biggest bottleneck at the moment) so if I could show there was an issue I can start seeing where the problem might be.

As far as your stats go.
Top Left is 1076 bytes per packet. Top Right is 168 bytes per packet.
Bottom Left is avg 211 bytes per packet. Bottom Right is 1148 bytes per packet.
So pretty comparable to what I am seeing, and upon further research on google I found that these numbers are pretty standard, and your network stats show that most packets are either below 100 bytes or above 1000. I think I am looking in the wrong place to find a solution for more bandwidth. Bummer, was fun playing with numbers a little bit and getting to know my network some more…