C5 "4 preconfigured QOS levels"

Trying to find out what these levels are? Not having any luck finding this information on ANY of the products.

Check out the help site:


Also @Daniel9 one additional note, it’s important to look at the A5-C5 as a system, and also rules across the cients connected to the A5 which share the air. There are some very rich capabilities in 2.0.2, which is getting released this week, for getting discrete controls on the A5 to reprioritize specific applications.

We’re really just scratching the surface as an A5-C5 system, and intelligently integrating networking and unique subscriber provisioning together with airtime fairness and airtime quality management across the A5 AP. In other words, without having “smarts” about each user as well as your desired rules, it’s hard to tell what is healthy or unhealthy to enforce in the air, so we’re seeing this as a really important advancement at such high C5 speeds to keep the APs healthy.

First we’re introducing Application Prioritization to re-prioritize specific protocols (Torrents, ICMP, VPN, HTTP/HTTPS), or known underprioritized applications (YouTube):

We also introduced Access Control Lists which give control on DSCP/TOS directly:

Hope this helps as well.

I caught sight of a window mounted Mimosa CPE antenna somewhere (I can’t seem to find it again) that would make our MDU/Apt deployments HUGELY simpler. Is this an upcoming product? If so, when is the anticipated release?

@Daniel9 yes this was something we had developed called the C5i but had deferred release of it to make sure to focus on getting A5 and C5 to market expediently. We still think this is a big opportunity, and think we can improve on the design even further, we definitely will have a solution in this market but it will definitely be in 2017.

As we roll out our new system (end to end Mimosa) this is going to fast become a necessity! The c5i is the only way to go for the many apartment complexes in our area since it removes the outdoor antennas that so many building owners either really dislike or ban altogether.

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@Daniel9 was there any updates on the availability of the C5i? That is going to be a game changer for us as well.

I’m curious to see a real implementation of a such type of radio.

Many glasses greatly reduce by 20 dB 5 Ghz wireless signals, so I don’t believe it could be work. It could be work only in under 50 mt distances from AP with partial nLOS environment.