C5 boot doesn't cut it

We are starting to see C5s lose the ethernet port after ~6 months in the field. Yes the boot is going on and yes it is filled with the grease that comes with them.

Are other people seeing the same thing?

We would love to see a redesigned case/cover like a Cambium SM or a UBNT Nanobeam etc. The whole boot and grease thing seems like a really bad hack.

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You’re right, the boot feels very janky. I really feel like it’s one of the worst decisions they made on the unit despite them saying that it’s awesome and works fine…

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I’m dreading the coming winter because we are slowing adding more users to our Mimosa AP’s. With fine blowing snow that gets into everything, we suspect to see some problems in the spring or before that.

The C5 is not the cheapest CPE on the planet and I don’t think that is what they were going for. Unfortunately this boot makes it feel like it. A more robust connector would make a huge difference. Even if no where else other than the impression.

I’m not sure what it would cost en-mass, but I’d pay a bit more. You can look at so many other companies and to see better options than what the C5 currently offers.

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I agree; it’s a pretty clunky setup for sure. BTW the B5-Lite is the same.

I’ve been using the boot with the grease and then I have the techs wrap some Coax Seal around the boot where it meets the C5 melding it into the plastic, and again at the cable end of the boot as the last thing they do befor putting the ladder away. It’s not pretty but that boot setup sucks.

Have 100+ C5s out in the field right on the coast in Northern California. This past winter was nasty - routinely bringing us 70+ mph winds. Being on the coast is brutal to equipment. Salt air, strong winds, dense fog, heavy rains (especially this past winter). I only had one piece of equipment failure and that being a C5. I do believe it was a boot failure. 1% failure didn’t seem too bad at first, but maybe it is. The antenna was only installed the summer before. I silicon the rim of the boot and where the wire enters the boot (with the supplied silicon). Hopefully they hold up for this coming winter!

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Brandt i know this is not the topic but as you have deploy more than 100+ C5s do you use the G2? or a cllient router. If any, how do you control the speed?