C5 Can be used for PTP?

Under firmware update the firmware Mimosa-C5-2.8.0.img.signed clearly states that it “Can be used for PTP”. How? The option is greyed out.

That firmware is also used for C5c and C5x. This text should be located under the C5c and C5x tab though. Thanks for pointing it out.

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Hello! The task was to make two point-to-point bridges. I bought 4 pieces of Mimosa C5 by mistake. It is no longer possible to return the goods to the seller. I’m sure there is a way to make the C5 work point-to-point. Only no one reveals the secret of how to do it! Help me please!!!

This topic is old and has been answered. Mimosa does not have a published way of making the C5 devices work in PTP mode.

Please start a new topic if you have other issues or would like to further the discussion. I am closing this topic.