C5 client to A6 access point


I have a lot of C5 devices (without “c” or “x” - just C5) connected to the A5 access point. Will they still be connected when upgrading to A6 and will they operate in the frequency range up to 6400?

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Someone should confirm the latest details – but the information I have for your scenario is – If you’re using Interop mode on the A6 and C5, that you will be able to have connections.

You will not be able to leverage the 6ghz on the C5 however as it doesn’t support the frequency you note (specs show some support, but not nearly enough proper support).
This is not unexpected as the radio used wasn’t designed to have the higher frequencies.

This same issue applies to the C5x when connecting to the A6, or the A6c

In my opinion, this means that generally speaking you won’t get to make use of the new frequencies until you also upgrade the C5 to the C6 model.

Further – also in my opinion – you will need to block out the unsupported frequencies from use on the A6 so that they cannot be accidentally acquired as that will potentially leave the C5 unable to connect to the A6 because it cannot use those frequencies.

In order to gain the 6ghz abilities you will have to have both AP and Client using the same available frequencies – in other words, you are gaining a new AP and its abilities, but you cannot use them until your clients are also upgraded.
Additionally, SRS is not supported in the situation of using A6 and C5 (as well as A6/A6C and C5x).

This is information I got from support about 6 months ago when I was considering the move to the A6 series and not wanting to lose the C5x investments that we literally just purchased.

I forgot to mention that your access to 6ghz may be limited by other factors. USA requires that “AFC” be utilized on outside connections. The C5/C5x do not support that function. This is another consideration suggesting that all parts of a system need to be at the same level, or you’re investing ahead of when you can actually utilize the new features. A6 is not inexpensive!

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