C5 deployment workflow, from box to installed client

I am writing here in the hope of salvaging our long-stumbling Mimosa PtMP roll-out. Before I state what we’ve tried, let me just ask, from a clean slate:

What is your C5 workflow, from new in box to deployed on a customer roof and finished install? Please include any information you are comfortable sharing about unlock, firmware upgrading, configuration, especially IP address configuration, vlans, management access, etc?

i am a Wisp since 2003 and probably used to old workflows. but after 2 days i’am still strugling to setup a simple C5 .
i asked someone else to do another one new out of the box, but he also does not get the workflow.

wy cant it be this simple as getting an ip from the C5 on Lan side and have a routing CPE with the option to set it to bridge mode.

It has gotten a little better with the addition of the fallback IP at on the default VLAN regardless of the configuration of the device, in the 2.4.0 firmware update.