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The marketing was great, but the human factors were terrible as the dish kept hitting the test subjects in the forehead :dizzy_face:


@Jaime I can’t remember what you said at the product announcement at wispalooza last fall about the Mimosa j mount. For the C5s do these mounts come included with the CPE like the B5 lite or do we purchase them separately? If they are sold separate… When will they start to ship? I remember all the adjustments on them and they would be nice to have now so that when we do swap to Mimosa we have full adjustment capability to fine tune the radio. Or with the snazzy beam forming in the A5 is it necessary? Also any picture of this mount to refresh my memory would be great! Thanks!

@Kent the C5 we’re expecting to do in reasonable bulk packs for the CPE, with separate same quantity packs of the J-Mounts, and PoEs. I’m sure we will at some point have a single combined packout for individual radio purchase, but most don’t want to get just one!

We hadn’t thought about pre-introducing them (which is a great suggestion with what you’re trying to do), but we have the brackets in production and could consider it, I’ll take a look into it. You still need to aim reasonably, while the AP tech can beamform, the client side still needs to shoot in a pretty reasonably accurate direction within the C5 beamwidth.

Check out the video clip before for the bracket design, we can get some other pics of it up for you later on:


Just noticed this nice little guy in the background of the photo of this B5 Lite mount. Is this the C5C? are those RP-SMA connectors on it?

Hi Kent,

Nice spot, that is our connectorized C5 - the C5c. What do you think?

Its a bit hidden on our website! http://mimosa.co/home/Products/Client/client-specs/C5c-Specifications.html

I nice little preview on on new product family shot as well!

Cheers Scott!

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NICE! Yeah I meant C5c not C5i. just edited my post! I like the physical looks of it! Will be nice to be able to work with RP-SMA connectors so it can be easily paired with many antenna options. Thanks for the super fast response @Scott This is why you guys are #1 in support! Congrats on the awards!

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I don’t think a single person at the show even noticed that and it was probably a foot tall on the graphics, and your eagle eyes caught half a country away! Well played. And yes, RP-SMA.


:smile: Yeah! I noticed it! Glad your releasing the C5c for guys like me with clients that are more than 5 miles out.

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But I see you didn’t notice the new B5-Lite/C5 pole mount accessory right above it??? :hushed:

Or I guess I missed your comment in the other topic! LOL

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I don’t miss a thing! :wink:

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We are now running into brick tile roof mounts and pitched roof non-penetrating roof mount needs. Moving around trees means having to adapt to location for LOS rather than optimal or strongest mounting location.

Since it hasn’t been asked yet, I assume these will be available at or on the same time that the A5’s will become available?

Hi @Christopher, sorry we had touched on this in a few other topics in the community, but yes we are launching the C5 in February with the A5-360 products, and the C5c (connectorized) in May along with the GPS Sync and A5/B5c sector solutions.

The C5 shares the same platform as the B5-Lite product which is already shipping, so we’ve already got that up and running in high volume, and passed all FCC certs from 4.9-5.85 GHz and DFS certified for the PTP configuration mode.

GPS Sync in february, does that mean the A5360 won’t be GPS synced, or just not firmware enabled at launch?

I know its overkill but just wondering, do the C5’s have a gps soc for location mapping? Chances are no to keep costs low but after the automapping on the B5’s i just wish every device i ever bought for wlan had GPS soc’s integrated it makes life so much easier.

The hardware is there for GPS in the A5 from day one, just finishing the software for Sync on the A5 platform takes a bit longer.

The C5 products do not have GPS for cost reasons, as you suggest, we do have pretty accurate ranging info (distance) from the AP, and antenna beamform info (how we reach the client in antenna vernacular), and if you register in the cloud the direction (bearing) you’ve mounted the A5 (on the 360 there’s an arrow on the bottom in the direction of the big “m” on the radome, then we can do some pretty cool general location plotting in the cloud/management system for planning and sector load monitoring.

Good to hear on the GPS sync… As for the AP geolocation hopefully thats something we see early in the cloud rollout of the A5/C5 as that’s a killer features that i know many carriers would LOVE.

Hi Chris,

Great feedback!

I can confirm that all our devices with GPS will automatically map in the management system. We are also working on some innovative ways for a C5 and other non GPS equipped devices to be easily mapped during device setup, so you can check your network status by location quickly and easily.


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In case the device is connected to dish 30, will there be a good signal or not, and will the work of the device within the frequency range of the dish or not Thank you