C5 Grounding Issue

OMG could the ground screw on the C5 be any shorter? We use ground wire usually 10AWG spools, no eyelets. We usually can take a hammer and flatten the copper to allow a few bites on the threads but dang. Can Mimosa please add a few mm to the length of these screws?

Hi @Dale2,

It definitely is very short. With the current screw, the only way to do it is with eyelets or by adding a longer machine screw.

I’ll pass this on to our product team.

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Who grounds? I put my antennas as high as I can to get them away from the ground!

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OH now thats funny. lol…

On a serious note, we often run into installs where we run the Cat5 up through the attic, often times from second floor peaks, etc. so we aren’t taking any wires to the ground. Customers will complain if we want to run green 10AWG ground wire down the outside of their “nice home” to a ground rod. In cases like these we will mount the NID next to the J-Arm but still cannot run ground wire on the outside to a ground rod. Any suggestions when we run into these?

Most houses in our area have a really nice lightning rod system that is grounded, slightly terrifying to use, but as long as you believe in physics it is better then nothing. Otherwise our policy is if the customer doesn’t want the grounding wire they have to pay for antenna replacements if it is deemed lightning/surge. (its the same as if they move the PoE from a surge protector etc.)

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I’ve grounded inside to the electrical ground before. I know you’re not really supposed to, but it’s better than nothing.


que tipo de cable para tierra recomiendan?

Hola @Pablo10,

Mimosa recomienda el uso de cable de tierra de calibre 10.


en cualquier ferreteria los puedo comprar? solo que sean calibre 10. gracias

SĂ­, deberĂ­a poder comprar en cualquier ferreterĂ­a.

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English Please!! not everyone speaks Spanish

Copy the text and google translate :slight_smile:

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