C5 not connecting

I have anew c5 up. Havent had any problems with any of my others. However, this one shows up as not connected. Got power to it and can see that my port on my switch shows that its there. However, its showing disconnected in the mimosa network management browser. This is just a fail over, so, its kind of difficult to run tests, seeing as how we are live

Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

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The C5 reports data and status via the A5 it is connected to. You mentioned that the C5 is for failover - does this mean it isn’t connected to the A5 unless it is online? If it is connected - be sure the firmware is update and matches the A5 firmware version. Finally - be sure the C5 was unlocked in the same Mimosa Cloud account as the A5 being managed.

Let me know if this work.