C5 problems firmware - cloud

I have just purchaced a C5 and i have several issues

  1. On first glance it seems to run firmware 2.0.0-FW-C586-57 and every firmware i have tryed to update with , i get the message invalid firmware file
  2. Allthough i have added the device to cloud account with its serial number and i am able to see it on devices inventory , the C5 it left cloud shows "disconnected " and at the cloud platform show never connected

Any help ?

The C5 is a very old, discontinued radio. You first need to upgrade to 2.0.0GA, then to 2.4.0, and finally to current firmware.

As for not showing up in the cloud, it will only show green in the cloud when it is connected to an A5c or A5x and when the AP is connected to the internet.

If you don’t have access to those firmware, please contact Mimosa Support Mimosa Networks so they can enable the firmware for you.

If you bought the C5 to do PTP, it will not work. You will either need a C5x or C5c for PTP mode.

Hola, buen dia! Tengo un enlace PTP con C5x y Firmware, el enlace pierde estabilidad con las horas, ya cambie cable y poe, sigue la falla que pierde rendimiento poco a poco hasta que cae, quiero probar con un firmware que tenemos en otro enlace y no falla. Donde puedo descargar el