C5 PtP firmware

Maybe won’t be hard for the Mimosa team to implement C5 PtP firmware? As we know that the hardware for C5, C5c and C5x is the same. Probably you would say, why don’t you simply buy C5c or x? That should be an easy task I guess. The reason is that I already have more then 100 radios C5 and I would like to use them as PtP for a project. So my hope is that someone from Mimosa team will hear out my request and will help. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

The Mimosa C5 radio has been end of lifed for a long while now. There will be no PTP firmware for this radio.

I see. Thank you, Sir. Will you please confirm that the hardware of C5, C5c, and C5x is the same just in a different shell? C5c and C5x for sure it is. But I am not 100% sure about C5?

The C5 internals are much different than C5c and C5x. The C5c and C5x are pretty much the same board in different shells.