C5 shows mac add intead of its name-cloud

i have a C5 that reports to the cloud but with its mac add which is not big a deal.
A5 shows five C5 connected on the clients tab 4 with names and 1 mac add; but if you change to Clients Analytics tab only four C5 are shown but the one with mac add is NOT, how do fix this?. Thanks

Maybe a duplicate IP?

Could be a bad connection back to the client radio and it’s disconnecting before it’s able to report it’s info…

HI @William5,
No duplicate IP. With a bad connection how could it work and pass traffic? and how the rest 4 are working and reporting properly?
Hope one of the mimosa tech guy could check out the cloud, it is under AP with the name “Galveston RV Master.”

You would need to go directly to Mimosa support for someone to look at your specific AP…

What firmware version are you running on the C5?

Firmware 2.5.4 unlocked for STA.

Is it the same firmware as the other C5s and the A5?

This happened to me and I did an unlock again and it re synced properly not sure if it was just luck or the correct solution.