C5 traffic shaping

We’re running in SRS mode and traffic shaping doesn’t seem to be working. Is there a preferred method of setting the traffic values? (AP or client side?) . Client side seems like it sort of… at times… works on the upload end, but not on download.

We have never used the traffic shaping in the Mimosa products, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that upload traffic shaping was done on the client side and download was done on the access point side. I could be very wrong about this though, so do not put much weight on this recommendation.

I did a quick look around here: http://ap.help.mimosa.co/home, but I did not see anything to confirm my memory.

Client side traffic shaping only applies to WiFi Interop mode. In SRS, the A5 will override any client based traffic shaping settings. I have been having issues with this as well on 2.3.3.

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el problema tuyo christopher es que el poe no te vale cambia y listo