C5 very high temperature, or a firmware bug?

I have noticed 177F - 183.2F (81C - 84C) temperatures reported by my C5, which are way out-of-soec, I believe.
The unit is warm to the touch, but not hot, my ambient temp now is 84F (28.8C) , and the C5 unit hasn’t been exposed to sunlight. Its been running for 4+ hours without a hitch.
I have received this unit today, its running 2.0.1 firmware (current), and I’m using Mimosa POE brick, and shielded Cat.6 cables (tested).
What can it be? A faulty sensor, a software glitch, C5 dying?

Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Aleksander,

There was an error in our documentation about the C5 operating range that has since been corrected. The C5 operating range is -40 °C to +110 °C. This temperature range is different from some of our other products which show case temperature.

Thank you very much for the prompt reply!

I’m still concerned about very high temps, my idle C5 shows 81C (177F), this is 100F over current ambient temperature (77F right now in Chicago). Again, the C5 unit was not exposed to sunlight. I did some testing at night when ambient temp was dropping from 70F to 65F, and the C5 was running at PHY TX 260 / Rx 351 @91C.
I was planning to replace my old Ubiquiti M’s with Mimosa AC equipment in South Florida, but now I’m not so sure anymore.
What do you think?, are these temps right? I only hope, this is a firmware bug, maybe someone confused Celsius with Fahrenheit?

Hi Aleksander,

The reported temperature is in degrees C, and is measured directly on a CPU rated for this temperature. The ambient temperature and amount of traffic impact internal CPU temperature.

Your C5 ranged from 71°C (night time, no traffic) to 91°C (day time with 130 Mbps of traffic) over the course of the last two days.

We compared these temperatures with cloud data from other users, and this falls within the normal range.

The operating range that we specify is based on outside/ambient temperature. There is nothing to worry about here.

We are running them in Phoenix with peak day temperatures of 118 to 120 degrees and they aren’t failing. Nothing you can do in Chicago even comes close to that.

Some of our clients HOA require them to match the color of any antenna to the roof. These roof colors can almost be black and at a 115f ambient it could easily reach 170f on the surface. I have a hard time committing to any c5’s as if they are already running really hot. Traditionally painted devices we have failed much quicker than ones not painted. Does anyone have temps for something that is painted a dark color?

My suggestion would be to use C5c’s with KP Perfomance horns which look like satellite dishes and are already gray. If you get 3-5’ antenna cables, you can hide the C5c.