C5 - WDS or Layer 2 NAT support?

I want to replace a mimosa A5 with a MikroTik radio but retain the Mimosa C5 radio’s. Problem is layer2 traffic is not passing both ways. I don’t know if the issue is at the AP side or on the C5’s, but the limited configuration options on Mimosa aren’t shedding any light

The MikroTik AP has been configured for WDS but is showing the C5 clients aren’t supporting WDS
The network topology is all Layer2 with switches behind all the C5’s on a management VLAN as well as customers using PPPoE. So we need that traffic to transit over the C5 to the AP which then feeds into a MikroTik router for transit via Layer3 throughout the rest of the network

Going the other way with an A5 as the AP and MikroTik SM radio’s would work because I can use the station pseudo-bridge connection type which functions like a Layer2 NAT. But that’s not what I want to do I want the opposite with MikroTik being the AP and C5’s connecting to it