C5c 2.3.3-PTP-beta-6 can not upgrade

I have a C5c link, both are firmware 2.3.3-PTP-beta-6
i downloaded the lateset version and i tried to upload it to the upgrade page, it said “invalid firmware image file”
how can i fix that.

Interesting, have you tried rebooting the radios? I would try an older firmware and see if that is able to be upgraded. 2.4.x should work.

If you run into problems reach out to Mimosa Support and they should be able to get you a good firmware.

Hi @Charbel2

Because you’re running such an old firmware, and its beta, you should first upgrade to 2.3.3 and then from 2.3.3 to 2.5.1. From 2.5.1 you should be able to go to 2.9.0.


Dustin, thank you so much for the support you give to the community.
In the case of the B5C
To download to firmware 1.5.1, what firmwares should I use?
What would be the order?