C5c antenna gain settings

hello! this is my first time using mimosa product, im just wondering, what should i put in antenna gain, both local and remote. I am using C5c radio and RD5g34 antenna, but if i put 34 in antenna gain, it would be hard for me to align my link… please i need help. and with this setup, my rx/tx sometimes drops once or twice a day.

this is one of the issues that i encountered… the signal strength drops. sometimes it take 15-30 mins or more…
please help me resolve this problem…
thanks in advance!

I think that you can account for cable loss, and adjust the gain based on that - but you will have to find a cable loss chart and adhere to the FCC rules (If in the US).

If you dont have a really good alignment and you set the antenna gain to what the antenna “is” you may have a hard time connecting.

The antenna gain affects the “EIRP” and thus the transmit power through the radio - the FCC (again if in US) could pop you one if you are transmitting more than you are allowed! (So, check with your local rules as to what you are allowed to do).

Also, keep in mind that DFS channels (Your screen shot shows you are using one) are not allowed to output as much “power” as non-DFS channels. I would set it up to be on a non-DFS channel / aim get it happy - set your gain and then try different channels DFS or otherwise.

thank you so much sir, this really helps!