C5c Bandwidth and license


I was wondering if my pair of C5c has any kind of bandwidth limitation because it’s licensing.

I’m asking this because my old technician told me that I have to purchase (to him) some license upgrade…

How can I check that? Thanks in advance

There are no licenses for any of our products currently. C5c has never had any type of license at all.

Oh thanks! That guy is trying to fool me.

So what’s the max bidirectional bandwidth for my C5c PTP?
As I understand 700Mbps it’s total, so I have to guess 350 TX + 350 RX ?

Yes that is about right if you are using 50/50 mode. If you use Auto TDMA mode instead of 50/50 you’d see more. Up to 700Mbps in one direction depending on how much upload traffic there is. Auto dynamically changes the traffic split based on current usage.