C5C/C5X interoperability

Why are C5C/c5X not interoperable in PTP mode. Same radio, different package. This really reduces flexibility. In my case, I need larger than 25 dbi antenna at one end. With the new frequencies opening up, larger antennas at the AP will become common. The C5X unfortunately doesn’t support anything larger than 25 dbi, so one is forced, for poor marketing reasons, to buy a C5C at the station end.

Also, why no PTP mode of the A5X. It has the advantage over the C5C in that it includes GPS. One can get that in the B5 series, but to me the issue with the B5 is that its still just 2x2 and to get 4 chains, you need to find 2 clean 80 MHz channels.

A PTP mode A5C and A5X would in the first case give us 4 channels in one 80 mHz band, and the latter GPS and all its benefits with 2 streams at a much lower price than the B5 series.

And non interoperability of C5C and C5X IMHO is just madness!

C5c and C5x are able to operate with each other in PTP mode.

I can vouch that the C5x and C5c are interoperable, I have a link right now running that exact config. I think it’s 2.5.2, but I would have to double check.

If you are trying to use the A5x for PTP you would be no better off then the B5c, the A5x is only 2 chains. And B5/B5c have GPS (Not the B5-Lite though :cry:)

I think you misunderstand chains, at least in their current implementation in Mimosa products. The A5/A5c can’t use separate channels for each of it’s chains, all four are on the same channel. (Same as Cambium in my understanding)

Thanks Dustin. That’s not the response I got from support :slight_smile: Also in the release notes dates April 20 on Firmware “C5c/C5x PTP radio devices are not interoperable.” I think that should have said not interoperable with the B5 series.

I’m currently running 2.7.1-beta2, C5X’s in PTP. Is an upgrade?

The update is only for support of regulatory requirements in some locals, unless you are in Turkey it doesn’t differ at all from 2.5.2 is for PTMP while 2.7.1/2.8.0 is for PTP operation.

Well, now I am really confused. On the upgrade page, when I click on the C5X, it shows that I have two C5x devices eligable for upgrade, and the firmware it wants me to download is (April 18), which is described as the Latest C5X PTP Device Firmware Release. Also says “For use with A5/A5c only in PTMP mode. Can be used for PTP” . What the hell does that mean?

Chatted with support again. They seem to be as confused as I am:)

2.7.0 and 2.8.0 are in beta, so they will not show up for you unless you ask Support for Beta firmware. If you aren’t using beta, then is for both PTP and PTMP.

Most folks at this point have asked for and are using beta for features. My apologies for not being clear on that on the last posts.

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OK - so is official release. I’m running 2.7.1-beta2 on the C5X which I realize is beta. Difference between 2.7 and 2.8? When my C5C arrive later this week, I can upgrade them to 2.7.1-beta2 and they will work with a C5x at the other end, right ? :slight_smile:


Everything 2.7.1 is being rolled into 2.8.0 for one big release. So everything you see in 2.7.1 will be in 2.8.0 + more.

When is this new firmware due out Dustin?

@Stuart2 we are aiming for mid-May. The COVID stuff has really messed a lot of things for us and most everyone else :frowning:


Aye, it’s a different world indeed. Stay safe folks!

We had a lot of problems since upgrade to 2.8.0 on our C5c links. Links disconnections more than 30-50 times during the day. Very bad firmware. Tried to turn off QoS but after one day without link interruptions, problems are here again. Downgrade to solved everything.

This is off topic, I am closing this thread. If you are having issues please create a new thread or contact Mimosa support.

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