C5c Consistently inconsistent

Hey All,

We have been installing short range C5’s and C5c’s for quite some time at my company, but just recently we installed a C5c on a new customers rooftop. I make a point of doing a once over on my work every time. (RJ45 Connectors, Cable kinks, Tightness to ensure no movement, etc.) Regardless of this fact, this connection has dropped about 3 times in a period of two weeks now, and our customer is not happy. Our first time called out, I had replaced both RJ45’s, and the POE. The Second time, I Replaced the Cable. Today I am going out to replace the Antenna itself. Any idea what could be causing this? I have attached a screenshot of their current status through the A5. Let me know if there is anything out of the ordinary please. Cannot afford to keep having customers drop off for no reason. And Yes Mimosa, I have applied the Lubricant to the RJ45… which is the “solution” I get every time I complain about something like this.

Hi @Connor,

There isn’t a lot of information to go off of here in this post. The only glaring issue I see is that you only have 1 stream. Usually this means you’re on the edge of the sector (if using A5c) or you’re only seeing one of the A5 antennas (if using the A5).

It would be best if you came into support and talked to our support team. They can take a look at your radios through the cloud, if cloud connected, and help you figure out what is going on.

Also I don’t believe this has anything to do with cabling, nor would I have suggested that. Without more data, I would say I’m pretty sure it’s an RF issue.

I know there isn’t a lot of information to go off here, mostly because we haven’t been able to access any detailed diagnostics through Mimosa antennas. I have absolutely no Idea as to why this radio keeps dropping, I have 3 other customers (all on the same street) that have no issues. I more or less posted here to see if anyone was having similar issues with the C5c’s. This is the second one I have encountered that will randomly drop off for no reason. I have put a support ticket in regarding this issue as well.

What happens when the connection “drops”? Like the antenna becomes unresponsive or they are no longer able to get traffic through the connection?

We are still able to get into the C5, but it is saying the link between the A5 and the C5c is down. So there is no internet traffic, but for whatever reason we can get into the radio remotely. A power cycle has been the only fix for this.

Ya, defiantly not cabling issue.

You ever pull a .sup file when the C5 is in it’s weird “You shall not pass” mode?

Are you doing a soft or hard power cycle?

Anything in the logs look interesting?

What does your network look like? You doing Radius authentication or PPPoE or anything like that? VLANs?

Unfortunately, my privileges are small when it comes to access to the customer side radios. The company I work for is very particular about who accesses what (Hence my lack of detailed information regarding the issue) Basically at this point I will pass this question to our Netops (They have full access) and view their response and get back to you. As for the power cycle, I believe it would be a hard power cycle has I have disco’d all CAT6 cables from POE, and removed POE from Power.

I will look into the .sup file when it goes into such state next time and get our Netops guys to pull it if it happens again. Thanks again William!

No problem, glad to be of help.

Do you have some sort of privilege enforcement in your network? Because if you have the management password for a C5 you have access to everything… Or do they just not let you do management stuff on customer radios? Which will make things harder.

I don’t really care that much about the .sup file, but Mimosa will.

How do you guys do your network layout, PPPoE, Radius, VLAN, good old bridge mode with DHCP/static devices?

Yes, they have something similar to a privilege enforcement type of thing. I was hired due to my ability to troubleshoot and program Antennas, but now I am not able to access anything that I need to do so (I know, I know.) I will look into it and get back to you. Thanks again.!

Just wondering. Whats the settings on the SSID? No data but management works sounds like the SSID is set to Fixed/CPE or Hotspot instead of Trunk or whatever mode you are using, ie no data can flow because of wrong vlan for C5. Or the A5 effs upp the vlan setting for this client in Fixed/CPE-mode until reboot/reconnect.

Thank you for reminding me of that @morris. This could quite possibly be the case, depending on firmware version. If you’re set incorrectly, it could confuse the A5 and it’ll stop passing traffic over the wireless link.

Can’t contribute anything meaningful here without logs. We had/have an issue where a new customers connection keeps going down during the day. We can connect to the C5, port says “link down”, we suspect their router is crashing because it’s not capable of handling the amount of traffic.

Weird situation where we now look like ■■■■ because our service is that much better than the competition. “it doesn’t go down with our old connection”.

I find that most of the ethernet problems I have with Mimosa equipment - whether it be a B5/c or C5/c - is solved by using the UBNT airFiber 50-60W POE.

Honestly, I have not used the Mimosa Power bricks extensively myself, we have our own solutions at the tower, but I have seen several people who have used several different types of power supplies and still run into difficulties. That said, my B11s and A5/A5c radios have not given me any Ethernet problems.

Still, I would be quite surprised if the issue turned out to be something related to cabling. Though, honestly, I am pretty easy to suprise.