C5c dashboard doesn't work

dashboard on c5c ptp doesn’t work when update to 2.5.2 ptp
i download ptp software on both
its work fine now but ineed to see the dashboard
any ideas?

It’s a Catching issue with your web browser.

Try a different web browser or completely flush the catch of your web browser. Mimosa Recomends Google Chrome, I have used Edge successfully.

You could also try using your web browser in Private Browsing mode.

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definitely i used firefox and edge same thing
also i downgraded to v2.2.3 beta the dashboard works fine but when iupdate again to 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 the dashboard stoped.
i hope next update will fix this

You should probably reach out to Mimosa support, especially if you want this issue to be resolved, I have not seen this issue and cannot duplicate it.

The problem with ssid name just change to a simple ssid without any symbols

the problem solved . i just delete the symbols from the ssid name
thanks anas

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