C5c firmware for mimosa c5c

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which is the best firmware for mimosa C5C?

2.5.2 seems to have few reports of issues that I have seen, I have heard a lot of people have had good results from 2.8.0, but there are some people saying they are having issues.

If your C5c is in PTP mode, I would go for 2.8.0, but have a spare copy of 2.5.2 on hand if you have issues.

If you are wanting your C5c to connect to an A5x, you will need to use 2.8.0.

If you want your C5c to connect to an A5/A5c you will need to use 2.5.2 or a beta of 2.5.3

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We had a lot of problems since upgrade to 2.8.0 on our C5c links. Links disconnections more than 30-50 times during the day. Very bad firmware. Tried to turn off QoS but after one day without link interruptions, problems are here again. Downgrade to solved everything.

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I updated a pair of C5c antenna with version 2.8 and I’m having problems dropping the PTP link all the time, I had to downgrade to, did you want a solution from the Mimosa team about this?

Hi Guys, I have exactly same issue on C5c PTP with new fiormware 2.8 wireless disconnection 10 per day, I did not have this issue before

@Miroslav2 @Marcos4 @Jorge4 If they have problems, they should report as much information as possible to solve it. Downgrading to a previous firmware does nothing solution.

I agree with you but we can not force anyone to do that. They should to test new fw releases much more before public announcing. After downgrade about two weeks ago, everything work perfectly. No link interruptions, bandwidth stable and solid, ping stable, 0-1ms. Not planing to upgrade at all, this is great, new firmware sucks.

yeap I agree. Still on B5c works pretty well. Thr only good thing I saw on 2.8 c5c was the througput apparently. increased but I am. not sure if that was realistic. or. not. did you notice the same?

No, I didn’t notice that. The only thing I noticed were link interruptions and some graphical improvements, nothing more useful for us. I was in action to upgrade to but I didn’t. I am just to affraid to test this on live environment where we have hundreds of customers.

Hi All, I can confirm after 1 week of using Beta it works pretty well, no problems at all, I can say the wireless disconnection bug has been fixed, you can go ahead and use it.

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Thank you my friend. :wink:

saludo tengo un problema compre 2 c5c me pide actualizar escogi el ultimo finware 2.8.0 cuando subio solo me presenta en la página me pueden ayudar por favor

@ROBERTO8 si tenes problemas crear un nuevo post si no esta ya disponible.

Hi guys can any one send me latest firmware for c5c ptp but that have access to 4600-6400 freq
i am using 2.3.3 beta since it have 4ghz freq but the stable one tested

The latest firmware will follow your countries regulations, if you have a special license to operate frequencies that are normally unavailable to be freely used then I recommend contacting Mimosa Support and sharing that documentation with them so they can enable licensed operation for your devices in your country.

@Mohammad3 Requests for firmware/software/whatever that enables illegal use of equipment is not permitted on this forum and this is your only warning.

can you send it for me

What is the best farmware for c5c PTP mode if the distance 10 km

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The latest stable firmware is what is recommended. Some people have had issues with 2.8.0.x, so you might test it to see how it works for your situation. Mimosa provides multiple different firmware as well as explanations in the release notes about the differences between them.

If you have a particular question please post a new topic instead of digging up old threads.

I am closing this topic.

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