C5c firmware help

Hi.Where can I download the firmware 2.8.1 beta or 2.8.0 beta? because the 2.8.0 did not work at all, it was disconnected continuously

Nowhere as I can see. Write your email so I can send you.

@ruben3 @Miroslav2 You have to have your Mimosa Cloud account approved for access to the beta firmware then you can get to it. Contact Mimosa support if you would like access to Beta Firmware.

Thanks … elharris909@hotmail.com

ok , if is the only way ,i will contact support,

I recommend against posting your email address on a public forum. I also recommend against using firmware from unknown sources.

dustins@mimosa.co Is a Mimosa Employee (@DustinS) who can get you access to the beta firmware on your cloud account.

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we found the latest firmware on website for mimosa is hit and miss some links work great while others reboot for no reason evem on clean channels. set to auto and set to static channels? dropped back down to previous firmware yields no drops.

thanks… i will take your advice. is available. You can try it out.

hi , i upgrade to , I started having problems

mimo status stream 2 drop like 30secons first AP radio then CPE radio . before whit …

What can I be doing wrong?

ok it looks better know, i turn off auto everything n i put 1x40 MHz … and it’s stable, I hope it stays that way. :slight_smile: