C5c Firmware Update

I have my first C5c to test for our new WISP network and it is required that we update the firmware. When I go to the firmware site to download I get this:

"C5c Client Firmware

2.3.0-PTP and newer versions do not support the C5
The following C5c releases can be upgraded to 2.4.0 (PTP/PTMP): 2.3.0 and newer.
Firmware downloads have been moved to the Mimosa Cloud Management Application to comply with U.S. export laws. You must first log in to download a firmware image file to your computer, but use of the other management functions is completely optional.

The first supported image with a C5c is 2.3.0. Installation of firmware 2.0.0 is NOT REQUIRED."

No link to the 2.4.0/2.3.0 found (at least I have not found it.). I am trying to unlock the C5c so we can configure and start testing/using. (I have the unlock code) Looking for firmware link and any advice that can assist with getting the C5c up and running.

Thanks for all help.

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You have to login here:
Then go to manage, on the left you have a slide out menu go to “Update Firmware”, Then go to Firmware Download.
Make sure you use the correct firmware. PTP is only for C5c! PTMP can be used on both the C5c and the C5.
Good luck!

Perfect William5! I was selecting the wrong one previously. Worked like a charm once download completed.