C5c Invalid Config File

I have the latest C5c firmware 2.3.3
I usually upload a basic config to start out with. Password, wifi security, etc so that when I go in the field I don’t have to waste time and to make it easy and quick to configure as I turn on each new device.

Problem with C5c config file is, it only works on the individual C5c that the config file came off of. It’s not transferable to other C5c’s that I am turning up.
I tried it on 4 other C5c’s and each time it came back “Invalid Config File”.
When I uploaded it to the C5c it originated from and rebooted it, the C5c came back with the config and no error message was reported.

So this needs to be fixed. It’s a pain to have to do this extra work.

It works on the C5’s, A5’s and B5’s but not C5c’s

But also, let me say you guys need to re-think the entire config file naming process. No matter what config file I download, they all say mimosa.conf If I try to change the name, the device rejects the config file as “Invalid Config File”

This isn’t right, it should have way more info in the name. How are we supposed to know what the config file belongs to?

I would actually like to see a response from Mimosa on this subject.