C5c login failures

i can’t login to mimosa c5c after i change the date.
im sure that im not change the password . its show me login failures . any solutions? i have the unlock key if it help

Try a different web browser?

Maybe try rebooting the C5c, either by unplugging the power supply, or if it is connected to an A5 you can remotely reboot it through the client menu.

Do you know what firmware you are running on it?

I know I will get kicked out of various equipment when I turn of NTP for the first time, but normally I just have to login and everything goes back to being happy.


im on 2.4.1 the lastes and i try evrything

The latest firmware is 2.5.1 for PTP and PTMP for the C5c.

Is the C5c reporting back the Mimosa Cloud?

You may just need to to a physical reset of the device, something sounds goofy.

Maybe contact Mimosa Support? (Little orange button on the bottom Right of this screen that says “Chat with us”)

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