C5c low band (4525-4900)

Hi there!
How can I use low band (4525-4900) in my C5c?
What Reg domain contains this freq band?

any ideas, comrades?
need to use low band!

That band is for public safety in the USA, you probably will need to get a special registration deal from Mimosa associated with your account that would enable those channels for your radios. I do not think those bands are available in a any particular country without a license.

That said, I have never used them so I am kinda just shooting from my hip. I would contact Mimosa Support and they will be able to give you the low down.

In response to customer demand, we are putting great effort into expanding frequency options to allow operation from 5.9 to 6.4 GHz. We see the need for expanded frequency operation in many locations and are allocating our development efforts to address this.

We understand there are offers to sell firmware which will allow operation from 4500 to 4900 MHz, but any such firmware is not supported by Mimosa and is in violation of the End User License Agreement, http://mimosa.co/legal/eula .

For any customers who request assistance from us and whose radios are operating below 4900 MHz, we will request that they load released firmware, which will not allow the radio to operate below 4900 MHz.

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