C5c not responding!

Hi, I have brand new C5C , after unlocking and update it no more responding.
the power led plinking green for 1 minute then solid green and ethernet led solid orange, it still in this state for less than a minute and then ethernet led goes off and power led blinking green again just like it rebooting.
any thoughts?

I would try these 2 articles first. Try to factory reset the unit to see if it will behave.


Thank you for your reply.
I’m aware of these steps and have done them before posting this topic.


You’d be surprised how many folks haven’t tried those. The links aren’t the easiest to find. However, if the device won’t reset, then you probably need to contact Mimosa support directly.


try this

I once had similar experience. The problem was the browser I was using was too old for the HTML code after the radio was unlocked. I think I was using Internet Explorer. I switched to Chrome and it worked.