C5C P2P disconnects randomly!

Hi everyone,

We have two Mimosa C5C configured in P2P mode.
Firmware version: C5C P2P on both devices.
both of them are powered with the original adaptor.

We set up these devices about a month ago, and after about 10 days it disconnected for a couple of seconds(about 25s), no problem, 3 days after that it disconnected and reconnected in about 19 minutes! 8 days after that it disconnected but no reconnection this time until I rebooted the AP after about 3.5 hours! so this time I suspected something, so I monitored it to see when this happen again.
Today, 8 days after the reboot I realized it disconnected again for about 4 hours and didn’t reconnect until I rebooted both AP and Station devices! went through the logs and saw another disconnection 6 days ago for 1minutie.

I know it’s a lot of random numbers here but after every reboot or reconnection I checked the signal and it’s the same as day 1 (its 52db), So I don’t think this is some kinda object blocking the signal or sight.

Are there any known issues with this firmware? or it’s probably a hardware issue?
What can I do to find out what is the prob cause of this?

Thanks in advance.

I am also having like this issue, anybody answer please


I just had same problem and only way to resolve the problems was swap RF coax cable with a brand new couple.

Once done that, the problem was disappeared.

Could be power, could be wiring could be any number of things.

How are you logging info from the radios? Have you pulled a support file from the radios and pushed it over to Mimosa support?

Thanks for your response.
I did some checks after that and we decided to send back the radios and the RF cables for the warranty to the reseller so they can test and see if that is the problem.

thanks, Yes we suspected the power so we switched from the POE adapter to our PoE-Out in our router, didn’t have any positive effects what so ever, we tested the cable and it’s ok. so…

I don’t have a Syslog server as of now but I’m constantly monitoring the radio logs and we monitor other params with SNMP, I’ve got a couple of support files downloaded but I don’t see the form to send them to support! could you give me a link to that? or should I send it to them in the live chat or email?