C5c price/performance

Hello all,
i have been using B5lites boards to make my backauls since 2015. Just want to make shure that c5c is lite with external conectors. Is this it?

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Essentially the C5c is a connectorized B5-Lite that supports PTP and PTMP client mode with the following differences from the B5-Lite:

  • External antenna connectors (2x RP-SMA)
  • Higher system power (27 dBm)
  • Wider POE support (24-56VDC)
  • Expanded frequency range (4.9 - 6.4 GHz) - where permitted by country regulatory
  • Metal enclosure
  • Built-in mount (fits Rocketdish)

C5c Specs and link to data sheet: http://www.mimosa.co/products/specs/c5c

Thank you David for qick response. What about price???

Hi, and what about performance?

B5Lite on the papers is:

750+ Mbps ( PHY ? )


500+ Mbps IP (866 Mbps PHY)


Hi Enrique,

The C5c has the exact same capacity of the B5L. Both are 866 Mbps PHY devices, you can expect up to 600+ Mbps IP traffic dependant on traffic mix and signal quality in PTP mode. For PTMP mode we do have more protocol overhead so for the main data sheet we mention 500+ Mbps to cover both PTP and PTMP mode.

We have added the C5c to our network design tool for planning PTP link, if you want to model some links.



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Thanks Scott, for a link ptp about 6-7 km with a maximum dish/panel of 40 cm diameter, what do you recommend? Rocket dish is to big, I need to install in a customer house.

The PTMP mode on the C5c only works if you are connecting to A5c or A14, isnt it? I mean the C5c cannot work like a small PtMP for have 2 or 3 PTP backhaul.


The C5c does not operate as a PTMP access point. You need to use the A5 or A5c as the access point. The C5c is a client to the A5.

The C5c also operates as a great backhaul PTP link solution.

MTI makes a smaller 23 dBi square panel that might work.

Sorry for not answer before, many thanks.

I have purchased the airfiber 5x 23db gain antenna and the c5c adds perfect! I am hoping to test tomorrow for a 1km link

Hi, that one? AF-5G23-S45

Can you put some pictures how is fitted? Thanks

Waiting for your feedback :wink:

I´m waiting for the ultradish from RF Elements, but never release, hahaha

Hi I got great results with airfiber 23db gain antenna. It fits perfectly. I am passing 600mbps at 1km

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I have several links with lites over 3km and with TCP BW of 500Mbps+ iperf. I was talking about 10KM+ links and same bw.