C5C PTMP Link freezes


i tried a stable Link with one C5C in introp Mode with Distance of 4 km.
The Access Point is a Mikrotik Netmetal.

First Time the Link work very well for about 5 Days, than freezes.
I changed the AP to a A5C and the wireless Link comes for 30s and than 40s off in intervall,

Then i contact Mimosa Support Team.
He spent a lot Time over Remote connect, thanks.
But the SRS Mode have to high latency, so i switch back to introp Mode and to the Netmatal.

After 3 Days the same happens, Link freezes an C5C dont answer to Ping.
Ethernet is running and also wireless (see in Registration Table of Netmetal).
Next step i do a Power Reset. Now Webinterfache GUI is reachable, but LOG has a Problem
to display, but Downlaod LOG work.

On Next Day:
I do install 2 IP Addrsses on both Side of Mimosa to check Ping, but result ist no Ping over Mimosa.
Wireless Link is running and also Ethernet. Wireless Signal is -51dB,
LOG Display in Mimosa work now (fixt self over night).

What can be the Problem? Buffer Overflow and overwriting Programm Memory?
I use the 2.3.3 Firmware.
I dont think there is a Hardware Problem and after Install PTP Software and than PTMP Software again last Week,
the Device runs again.

To Mimosa Team
Also it is helpfull to allow in NTP Server Address also IP than oly Domain.

I want use this Mimosa because it is better in receive than Netmetal and i have Order over 10pcs last Week.


After some Tests i found the feezes Problem.

First i change the wireless Key and Distance in Mimosa, then it work for 14h until i make a interrupt.
The next C5C connect to AP, the freezes (no Data transport) was happend again.

Now i changed only the Distanz in Mimosa to 1km (real Distanze is 4km) without disconnect the Link itself, and freezes stop immediately,

I do this Test about 5 times, means disconnect -> change Distanz and no freeze was occur after these steps.

Jurgen, thanks for your posts. Some general observations from you tests. The NTP functionality is only used to maintain accurate time of day, and
as such does not effect the operation of the wireless connection between AP and client.

You mention both the use of A5c and Mikrotik AP. The reason I ask is because the distance to the C5 or C5c client cannot be set on the A5c, but it is possible to set the distance for non-Mimosa clients. The distance parameter effects the Tx acknowledgement timeout, longer distance increases the timeout. If you are using non-Mimosa clients you may be interested in our Third Party Client Configuration Guide, which can be found on our help site at:


If you are using both A5/A5c and C5/C5c we recommend SRS mode, because it provides more reliable capacity for larger number of clients. There are circumstances where in crowded RF environments where Wifi interop mode might perform better.


AGC tuning is important for APs running SRS mode:


If you need any further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at http://help.mimosa.co.