C5c Rate problem

I have a C5C linked to 34db dish slave
And 32db dish master
I have the rates not stable always down I tried everything I changed dishes I changed SMA’s and Eathernet cables and lan cables I even changed the C5C with another C5C but still not stable, my distance is 3k.

What is your TX power?

My version is 2.3.3
Because it’s the only one “was” stable I tried 2.5.2
And not stable I changed my dishes and it’s not working properly.

What is your Signal Strength you are receiving at?

With antennas that big, unless you have a whole lot of obstructions you are probably getting too strong of a signal. You might also have a bad alignment.

Either way I would recommend dropping your TX power on both sides until you have a very weak signal, realigning your dishes then bring your TX power back up until you are receiving in the -40s.

Here are some resources from Mimosa’s Documentation that will help.

My signal strength is -36
I have no obstruction in my way
What should I do ?

Your signal is way too much.
Try to lower tx-power to let’s say 13-15dBm you’ll see improvement.

I have p2p link on 2xC5C’s and it’s super stable.


What’s the SNR of the link? (SNR is Signal to noise ratio, if it’s too low then the radios can’t understand each other, like talking to someone in a crowded room)

Alignment can also be an issue that will effect SNR, if your radios are missaligned, you may have a great signal because you have big antennas and are not going very far, but you are loosing a significant portion of your signal into space as well as picking up unnecessary noise on your link. As I said previously, drop your TX power, realign your link and then bring the TX power back up. (I recommend dropping the TX power because it is quite possible you are aligned on what is called a “side lobe” which will give you really funky issues.)

After that, if you are still experiencing issues, please post screen shots of the Main Page of both radios as well as the Channel and Power page of both radios. And we can do diagnostics from there.

This is the master

And this is the slave
What do you see ?

If you are asking about the channel because it’s the only one stable at.

Ya you have noise on the AP side. Your SNR is 6 which is pretty bad. I would recommend realigning the antennas and then find the quietest channel you can and you should see better stability.

Post your spectrum with “combined” - aka:

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No, don’t do combined, that will hide issues only present on a single side.

Post the Channel and Power screen from each side of the link, it’s fine to do “Local” and “Remote”, but the combined is not all that helpful IMO.

This is Local

And this is remote

And this is combined

Ok, well we have already proved the point of lots of noise…

Have you realigned the link?

Holy cow. -36 is WAY too much.

Also, what’s the elevation on both sides? Are there any obstructions in your fresnel zone? We need more information, but certainly a -36 is way too much. Why in the heck are you using dishes that big for that short of a run?

No I didn’t yet but I choose a low frequency and lower the power to make the signal go up and got channel width 40 and make stable at this time until I realigned because I don’t have someone to climb the tower.

I got it on two floors house about 8 meters and the tower is 18 meter which makes it 26 meter I got the link on the top and I don’t have obstruction only noise is high, I bought the tower with these dishes I didn’t they didn’t work besides people told it’s better to have big antennas.Capture

Well, those people are full of it. Size the antenna to the job. The larger the antenna the more noise it’s going to pick up. A giant antenna like yours is going to be picking up signals from tens of miles (dozens of kilometres) away.

For 3 km, I’d have an 18 or 20 dbi antenna, and that’s still probably overkill.

Thank you brother, but you should see Iraq it’s full of towers our whole internet is from tower we don’t have fiberoptic or wired internet so it’s full of noise even rare channels like 11ghz and 24ghz are noisy so I got these dishes to do a job in a noisy environment,
So now all I got do is change smaller dishes ?