C5C signal disappeared after update firmware

Hi everyone this is my first post in the community

we are a service provider in iraq
we have a problem in c5c’s we use the 2.3.3 beta6 firmware for the channels before the 4900 (4500-4900) so about 80% of our c5c’s we updated to because we don’t need the channels in thouse links
we cannot updated to directly so I update first to then to
when the device is updated to the signal is disappeared as in the screenshot i uploaded below even after updating to the signal still gone but the AP and ST still connected . is there a solution to this problem or there is bug in firmware or devices
a lot of people suffer from this problem we cannot update a specific devices due this problem
another note that i still have access to the station even if the signal is disappeared

Woah. That is a weird one.

I would go directly to Mimosa support for this issue. If they are unable to help you, come back here and I can try summoning the Mimosa people who I know.

Creo que la actualización debes hacerla inicialmente en la ST, y luego en el AP. Segun mi experiencia, si los dos equipos no tienen el mismo firmware no le va a mostrar todas las propiedades. si tienes la misma version de firmware en ambos equipos (ST, AP) no debería presentar problemas.

of course i know that info i already update it on ST then i update it on ap