C5c SNMP & Packet Loss

Hi all I use a C5c PTP for one of my micro-pop backhauls. I have had customers complaining about packet loss (the gamers…) and so I tested it tonight as my home passes through this particular backhaul.

If I turn off SNMP on the C5c’s packet loss = 0, once turned on it’s immediately 2-14% packet loss. Firmware 2.9.0



I tried setting up a backhaul by using 2 x C5c devices connected to the 30dBi Ubiquiti dishes and got absolutely NO signal between the two dishes Does not make any sense??? Re-tried the same dishes with the same alignment using the ubiquiti Rocket Lite and hey it worked??? One side was setup as Ap and the other side as station???

Weird, overall these two PTP C5c’s out perform my Ubiquiti links by FAR.

What firmware did you have on the C5c’s and are you sure it was the PTP firmware?


@William14, my guess is that you are polling a lot of SNMP values to the point of maxing out the CPU.

What is the SNMP monitoring software you are using?