C5c Station Ptp Problems


I have come across a number of C5c Ptp stations that either have very random reboots, Ethernet drop to 100Mbps , cant access the web interface

MIMO_EVENT link partner acks but link is down. Downgraded port speed from 1G to 100M - ?

I have 3 C5c at the moment that I cant access the web interface of the radio .

Anybody else seeing issues like this ? It only happens on the station side

Hi @David8,

What firmware version are you currently running on your C5c radios? Could you also post a snippet of your last several log entries on the AP and Station radio if you can.

Hi Dustin

v2.4.0 and v2.4.0.3

Would you PM me your serial numbers? I would like to take a look at these, if they are cloud connected.

Hi Dustin

I have taken off cloud and and snmp as I am suspecting that one of those are causing the random reboots and web interface issue

since disabling snmp and cloud connect the web interface works 100% of time and the random reboots seem to have stopped as well