C5C version 2.5.1 link issue?

52320327_364728600817988_2276410298413875200_n Does anyone encounter like this to the latest firmware? The -70.9 dBm is the Access Point. What should I do to make the link strong?

What is your path shot like when you model it with https://design.mimosa.co/designtool/ndt/ ?

Do you have a clear line of sight between your two points?

Is the 16.4 miles in the second photo correct?

What kind of antennas (size, shape, dB, model if you have it, etc) are you using?

What does your channel look like? (just post a picture of “Channel & Power” from each side of the link)

How high are your antennas off the ground?

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Yes, it has a clear line of sight. Yes, the distance is 16.4 miles. I used Ubiquiti Rocket Dish RD30 for the antenna. Is it correct that the limit of TX power from the latest version is 24?

TX Power for the C5c has been limited to 24 dB since at least last year when we started using C5cs.

Is you channel pretty clear?

When I try designing a link at 16 miles the signal comes out a lot higher then what you are getting. Would you mind posting you MIMO Status on each sides of your link (It’s on the Dashboard page)

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I got the clear frequency.

Have you adjusted the alignment? It already looks better then your initial pictures.

Is the link shooting over water?