C5c Very high temperature

Hello all, I have a 1.2KM PTP C5c with firmware 2.5.2
today got notified that the link is going down and up, after some investigations, found that the AP C5c temperature is hitting 111 degrees celsius, then it disconnects the station side.
wondering if this is a firmware issue or something else!!!

If the radio is overheating my first question is how hot has it been in your area? Could the C5c be getting extra hot from being around some other heat source?

I have not seen many overheating issues with Mimosa stuff, normally it’s because of one of the above issues cooking things, I have seen the issue be worse because one of our customers painted their device black to match it’s surroundings, a black roof next to an exhaust from an AC unit.

Hi William and thanks for repying,
No dear, its still spring here in Lebanon, its around 19 degrees outthere, plus its not painted :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Ehh, well that’s a reasonable idea thrown out the window. I was kinda hoping you were in the southern hemisphere and that would make the diagnostics easier. That said, I just polled a C5c (it’s in PTMP, I don’t have any in PTP at the moment) and it reported back 120, not sure what the unit is because it seems like Mimosa’s documentation site is down at the moment. My guess though is that Mimosa reports in Celsius because they are hip engineers like that.

Do you have an SNMP server up and running? You could use that and monitor CPU and Temperature and try to correlate the issue.

Beyond that, I would try pulling the support files from both the AP and the Client C5cs and talk with Mimosa Support about the issue. My experience has been best when I can approach them with as much information as I possibly can, Log files ready to go, Support files etc. Not that they are bad otherwise, but it helps to keep things moving quickly.