C5c vs C5x Processing Power

Are there any significant differences in the hardware used between the C5, C5c, and C5x? Will the C5x be more/less powerful than the C5c? I’m looking into no-longer deploying C5’s from here out and I don’t want to invest in the C5x platform if it’s going to be lacking in anyway.

I also can’t seem to find anyone that has pricing on the C5x upgrade key. What’s the MSRP on that? Is that purchased directly through Mimosa or through our vendor?

I believe the hardware is similar and that we’ll have 2.5.0 which will have software improvements that’ll speed things up. I’m roughly quoting what Jaime had mentioned. It might be helpful to get @David to answer that question.

MSRP pricing info:

$59 for C5x (100BASE-T PTMP client)
Speed feature key - $29 (enables 1000BASE-T)
PTP feature key - $49 (1000 BASE-T included)

N5-X12 - $19
N5-X16 - $29
N5-X20 - $39
N5-X25 - $59

You would purchase the keys from the distributor or reseller, as far as I know.

This is the same information that Mimosa was giving out on Facebook as well.

I would like to know how do you get that prices? You must be official reseller? Our distributor in Spain offers bigger prices?

Are thet US prices only?


So these are US MSRP prices that were quoted by our CTO Jaime Fink.

It is really impressive because for example the Antenna N5-X20 in USA costs 39 dolar, meanwhile in UK or Spain cost 73 Euro before VAT. It is not that difference in every item but…

Question. Do I need two ptp Licenses per link?

Yes. You would need to add a PTP license to each C5x radio.