C5c with fiber poe solved?

Hello everyone
someone uses ubiquiti fiber poe to protect the ethernet port from electrical surges and static power?
here in 2 months, 4 c5c were burned
what did you do in your isp to solve the burned ethernet port

We use the Mimosa PoE Surge protector, for Mimosa equipment. (Mainly because we are being careful, I have used the Ubiquiti one and I have not seen any issues, but the cost is so minimally different that we use the Mimosa Surge protectors)

Note: you will need to connect to a good ground if you want the surge protectors to be in anyway useful. Just plugging them in won’t do anything.

We also require that our radio equipment be plugged into a surge protector inside of the house as well. Without the indoor surge protectors in the house we have found that we protect the radio, but loose the power supplies.