C5i not longer on website

Noticed C5i product is not longer on the mimosa website, have this been discontinued?

Jaime explained that it is more a product for the developing world, with concrete construction and glass with a non-existent E rating. I don’t recall him saying it was discontinued completely, just that it would come later if at all. For me in Alaska, where everywhere is double glazing (argon core) and a high E rating, the C5i was always a non-starter.

Thank you for the info Jeremy, market was intended for densely populated urban environment and by Mimosa the device suppose to begin shipping in Spring 2015, http://mimosa.co/news/26/78/Mimosa-Announces-the-First-Hotspot-to-the-Home-Gateway/d,flat-blog-detail.html, the A5-90 also disappeared that was also in pre-order status, not sure if this have anything to do with the FCC 5ghz rule?

Hope to see that in action some times
because I have some apartment buildings with 800 flats
and they are not allow to setup antenna outdoor
then this product was super to use / test
you don’t know if its possible to buy a Beta version for test

Will be good if we can order a Beta, this could be one of the best product from Mimosa specially for high density urban and the last mile solution, self install and beaming is a plus

I’d love to see this product back on the roadmap. Seems like the perfect client device for boats in a marina.