C5x 2.8.1 Firmware Issue

The 2.8.1 firmware is available on the web dashboard to upgrade the C5x PTP. However, after installing this firmware, the units will pass traffic, but won’t communicate with the web dashboard. I’m currently in the process of rolling them back to

So, if the 2.8.1 firmware isn’t for the C5x PTP, then going to Update Firmware in the web dashboard shouldn’t offer it. If it is for the C5x PTP, then there’s a problem with it. Either way, there’s something that needs fixed.

Additional info: Rolling back to did allow them to communicate with the Mimosa web Dashboard.

Seems like there is a bug, I don’t remember where I saw it, but I think there is a Beta firmware for fixing that. I will try to take a look tomorrow and see if I can dig up the resolution.

That said, 2.8.1 should support PTP operation just fine, bummer that you found a bug, but I have run into a few of my own from time to time. Mimosa is pretty responsive if you report it to them and they will get it fixed. (In my experience)

Thanks William. You’re on here so much, that I was thinking that maybe you worked for Mimosa. I’ll let them know.

Nope, just a joe shmo who uses Mimosa equipment and tries to help others, I work for solutions and likes around here.

Well, thank you. You help a lot. I’m sure others appreciate you also.