C5x after firmware update takes a long time to enter the configuration page

I have a link with 2 c5x at 5km today I decided to update the firmware to the equipment, after that I noticed that it takes too long to enter the equipment, and even to see the spectrum analyzer it is difficult for the other configuration pages if they load more easy

anyone can help me ??

I’ve noticed that happening after a reboot (the firmware upgrade would have caused a reboot). Especially, if I try to immediately access it after the device comes online. Subsequent attempts though, even a few days later, don’t seem to be a problem. Bringing up the spectrum analyzer though, does take a few seconds. Actually, the analyzer comes up fairly quickly, but getting the color bar across the bottom showing what frequency I’m using, blocked frequencies, etc. takes a few seconds longer. I’m running v2.12.0.

hello, how is it, it keeps loading as it is in the image and makes a type of loop, that is, it repeats that process indefinitely on occasions I can make a change but it must be fast because it goes back to the way it is in the photo, the other tabs work very well they take a while but if it works normally

OK, that’s a little different than your first description. I don’t have a clue why it would be doing that.