C5x and 2.5.3 Firmware


As we were testing 2.5.3 in our lab, we noticed that the c5x keeps timing out using the management VLAN and IP. For example, we would log into the c5x and try to change the gain on the dish and would always get a communication failure not allowing us to set the gain on the c5x. Another example is disabling the service management on the c5x. When we try and set it, again communications failure.

Any assistance or ideas would be helpful.

Thank You

Which web browser are you using?

This sounds like some of the issues I have seen around here with Firefox (which I use personally and for admin on Mimosa devices, but I run it pretty stock) seems like there might be an addon issues or some versions were throwing fits with Mimosa equipment.

Mimosa recommends Chrome, but occasionally when I get something that is really weird I go into “Incognito mode” and everything clears up. Clearing browser caches and cookies seems to be the solution.

Another issue could be your VLAN setup, are you able to ping the C5 device when the communication failure happens?