C5x and c5c grounding - Does it make a difference in PHY?

Im having problems with c5x and c5c connected to a5c and a5x’s. PHY keeps rolling up and down. Sometimes its great, 490/490 etc but then moments later it all does into the pond and drops to 30/30 or like 30/120 and some to 7/7. Does anyone have experience with grounding the devices and if that helps at all in a noticeable way?

Well, at the very least it is more highly recommended by Mimosa then most other radio manufacturers I have encountered, so I would posit that grounding is probably a pretty good idea.

That said, there have been a few cases where we were unable to get satisfactory grounding to some of our radios and we write them off as probably going to die soon. Normally before we do such installs we warn our customers of the situation and advise them that we will be billing them for the radios (most of the time the situation arises because of customer requirements for where we can place the antenna). So this is a pretty limited pool of radios I can speak about, but, I have not seen those radios have noticeably lower TX/RX rates then other antennas. That said, it’s a very very small pool to draw any real facts from.

I would be more curious about what your TX/RX signal strengths as well as your noise looks like during those periods of low PHY rates.