C5x any way to see CPU, airtime usage?

How can I see CPU and airtime usage in mimosa radios?

These are important parameters and I cannot see it in GUI or cloud.

I checked in the MIB as well and didn’t see anything about Processor or CPU usage, but Mimosa doesn’t let anything but their own stuff run on their processor. Also there are not really any complicated or resource intensive protocols that you can run on Mimosa equipment. So it’s kinda unnecessary.

Airtime Usage on the other hand, while it would be nice to see, and there was some ability to see airtime usage in the Web UI on older firmware of the A5, is not information directly available. Although, you can infer it from the Clients > PHY Stats page in the Web UI (And possibly through SNMP) Just see who is using bandwidth and if that person is at a lower modulation then maximum/other customers they are going to use more airtime then a higher modulation customer.

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The CPU usage is critical if you need to know if you are running near the pps limit of a device (if mimosa has a wireless-eth software bridge as I presume).

The airtime is equally critically for the wireless part. Currently running a very successful PTP with mimosa, but I’m clueless of the real limit of the radio part. The MAC datarate is showing 390 but infact this PTP passes more traffic than that… So this is not a good indicator of airtime usage

Well I just remembered, if you go to Mimosa Support or Ask @DustinS, you can get the extra cloud features turned on for your account.

Note they are beta, but they do have CPU usage information, but only for the A5. Maybe you can work out Utilization from there as well.

Honestly though, doing proper bandwidth tests with iPerf in optimum and sub-optimum conditions will give you very accurate information about how you can expect your link to perform.

I kind of doubt a software bridge though, my CPU utilization does not correspond very well to the throughput of my devices. I would assume that is one reason why Mimosa products a feature slim in what they can do to a packet going through the radio. Either way, I doubt Mimosa’s radios bandwidth limitations are in the software…