C5x don't work well...because? I need help

good morning everyone, I’m new to the group and to Mimosa. Yesterday I installed my ptp c5x but I did not have the desired results, the connection works very badly in any frequency used, the c5x should have a troughput of 800 Mb and instead reach a maximum of 240 and do not transmit more than 50 megs. used various frequencies and various configurations of the link part but always the same result. Apart from this the connection falls many times even on frequencies without dfs. Can anyone give me advice? thanks

Alright, some questions need to be answered first:

  1. What is the distance of this link?

  2. Where is this link? (Country)

  3. Please post your Dashboard page as well as your Channel & Power Page

  4. How high up are the two radios?

  5. Are you actually trying to move 800 Mbps? What are you doing with this link?

  6. Can you design the link in Mimosa’s Link Planner? If so, what does Mimosa’s Link Planner say you should be getting under optimal conditions?

thank you for answering

this is my dashboard

the rasdo are right up tx 5mt ed rx 7mt . Its ar in Italy and i need transfer 100Mbs at least.

this it very strange

thiis is the bandwitch test

this is the bandwitch test

What size antenna are you using the the C5x?

If you have the N5-25, then I really recommend realigning the link and checking for path obstructions. If you don’t, then please let me know, if it’s anything less then 20 dB, you might want to go to a higher gain dish.

This is what you should be seeing with the settings you have shown me:

If you can go to Mimosa Link Planner Tool you can design the link yourself and get pretty accurate numbers. When you go back to align the link, I recommend lowering your TX power on both sides, it will minimize the chances for you to be aligning on a side lobe.

hi this is the planner

and the spectrum?Because that’s how it is?

I am wondering about the spectrum because it feels like you might have interference on the side of the link you didn’t show me.

What size of antenna are you using with the C5x?

i used an 16 db horn mimosa

Buenos dias los primero que tienes que resolver es la negociación de puerto de red, actualmente esta en solo 100 megas y deberias llevarlo a 1Gb para que generes mas trafico, luego de eso seria bueno ver las cadenas del mimo en MIMO Status segunda pantalla, deben de estar lo mas cerca posible a 9

grazie per la risposta . ti posto la foto che mi hai chiesto, Provero’ a cambiare l iniettore e metterlo a 1GB

con questi valori di MCS piu’ di cosi non si puo’fare

Aqui otro punto donde estamos mal, el TxMCS esta en 4 en el principal, eso indica que tienes un problema en el equipo principal, puede ser altura o inclinacion

questo e’ lo spettro del ricevitore …male male

ho provato anche frequenze dopo 6000 ma va male pure

Alright, well I think I have answered a portion of your question. You are using an antenna with too low of Gain, and are not going to have great performance. Especially with the noise in your environment.

My recommendation is going to be to get a bigger antenna for the C5x, preferably the N5-25 which will improve your signal on both sides of the link and help get around the noise.

ok, i do it and try the link. I will let you know like it work
thank’s you

Los Enlaces de mimosa tienen una modulacion de 0 a 9, siendo 9 lo mas optimo y en base a tener un enlace optimo son los resultados que te ofrecen en la herramienta del perfil creado, tienes que tratar de llevar esa modulacion en ambos extremos a 9 o lo mas cerca posible,