C5x Ethernet Port

I’m in trouble with C5x overvoltage faults. I need to learn the batch number of the J8 Coded ethernet port on the pcb to buy?

Sorry, but I don’t know the answer to your question. However, I had a question. Looking at the picture, I wasn’t sure if it was over voltage damage or corrosion? Did you use dielectric grease on the connector jack before inserting it? I’ve seen this sort of thing before when the grease isn’t used. I had to repair 1 unit where pins 6 & 7 were shorted by corrosion that had grown across those 2 pins due to no grease.

Yes I use dielectric grease. The connector in the picture indicates that the bottom connector part has melted (blackness). I tried a few connectors but they didn’t quite fit.
This is over voltage damage. Changed a few diodes and tr2. Currently the only missing ethernet connector

Yep, that description sure sounds right. I just couldn’t tell for sure from the picture. Sorry.

Hi. Could you please share characteristics and which diodes you have changed, as i have an issue with over voltaged C5c? Thanks

Of course friend
D3, D17, TR2 and Gigabit ethernet Transformer
But your damage may be different. Be careful

Thanks for your reply, but where to find the characteristics of these parts so i can buy them?
Thanks in advance!

Please could you share the characteristics of the TR2 transformer or let me know where I can buy it? I have a bad C5x and that is what is keeping it down now. Thanks