C5x Feature Keys Disabled Permanently

Hi all,

This message is from our marketing team here at Mimosa:

" Hello Mimosa Community,

We have some changes we would like to with our community! As of March 1, 2019 - our latest product, the C5x will no longer require feature keys. When you receive your radio and go to unlock, the unlock server will ask you which mode you would like to use PTP or PTMP, and a key will be generated for you to enter within the unlock process.

Some other important changes include a few price adjustments and reductions based on our efforts to be better aligned with the market and our company’s business objectives. For complete details on these changes, please reach out to your authorized Mimosa reseller/system integrator for more information."


does this mean that the C5x will have a gigabit connection by default now or will it be permanently set to 100 Mbps?

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Completely unlocked – so you get 1G Ethernet and PTP mode